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Onward 2.0: Kevin F. Kenney Discusses Hartford’s Revitalization with Sentry Commercial’s Meagan Cordi

Onward 2.0: Kevin F. Kenney Discusses Hartford’s Revitalization with Sentry Commercial’s Meagan Cordi


In this captivating episode of Onward 2.0, Sentry Commercial’s Meagan Cordi interviews Kevin F. Kenney from NAI Lexington Commercial about transformative initiatives revitalizing Hartford. Recorded on a lively Tuesday afternoon, Kevin discusses the significant benefits of the Hart Lift Program and its role in bringing new businesses to Hartford through strategic use of federal tax dollars.

Hart Lift Program and New Business Opportunities

Kevin outlines how the Hart Lift Program leverages federal tax dollars to attract new businesses to Hartford, boosting the local economy and fostering community growth. This strategic initiative is pivotal in Hartford’s ongoing development.

University of Connecticut Student Housing on Pratt Street

Explore how the introduction of University of Connecticut (UConn) student housing and dorms on Pratt Street symbolizes the enhancement of Hartford. This project is a key example of how strategic development can invigorate a city, providing new opportunities for students and residents alike.

Statewide Projects by Lexington Partners

While Kevin and his team at Lexington Partners are involved in various projects across Connecticut, such as the conversion of the Litchfield Courthouse into a boutique hotel, this episode focuses on their dedication to Hartford’s growth. Their efforts highlight the potential for Hartford to become a standout city in New England, comparable to places like Providence, RI.


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