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Start with Someone Who Cares™ – What Does It Really Mean?

A few months ago, Sentry Commercial’s Start with Someone Who Cares™ tagline was trademarked. It took some time and effort to make things official, but it is official, and we are very proud with how the trademark represents our company.

This endeavor was a part of our 3-Year Strategic Plan which involved conducting a deep dive into our company, the services we offer, and quantifying the difference between Sentry Commercial and our competition.

You may be reading this and wondering “what does Start with Someone Who Cares™” mean?

At Sentry Commercial, we believe in starting with the “who” and the “why”, not the “what.” It’s important for our team to understand WHO we are before focusing on WHAT we do. While it is very important to be good at WHAT you do individually, we believe we first need to know WHY we do it, individually and collectively!

Because of this, we believe there has to be a core value within our company and how we operate our business. One of the resounding results of our 3-Year Strategic Plan was that all our employees had a core value of CARING – as they care deeply about their clients, their associates, and their community.

Company President Mark Duclos says, “We need to be sure that we wake up every day and think about our clients and what we can do to make them successful. Therefore, we need to be sure the people who work for our company value that approach.”

At Sentry Commercial, we compete every day against very different types of companies – multinationals with large corporate services platforms, small brokerage companies who do business the old-school way, and locally-based, technologically advanced niche players. Despite the competition, Sentry Commercial has stood out due to our collaborative approach and our level of care of the people we serve. While we are equipped with advanced technology and data, that doesn’t mean anything unless you use it for the betterment of your clients and your people.

We are not for everyone. While most companies (including Sentry Commercial) place value on the quality of work, not all companies (or employees) place such a high value on caring and collaboration. We respect that. However, for those who do (clients and employees), we believe a relationship with Sentry Commercial will create unmatched, long-term success and long-term, lasting relationships.

Sentry Commercial is proud of our clients and our people and their success. As we grow, we are continuously seeking likeminded clients and associates who appreciate our approach to our business!

At Sentry Commercial, we understand we need to deliver professional services (tools, information, data, tech, communication, etc.) to our clients for them to be successful. But we believe it’s more than that. We believe it’s HOW you deliver those services that counts. That’s more care per square foot.

Contact us today if you’d like a different approach and relationship with your commercial real estate services provider.

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